Data mining – no drilling necessary

To coin a phrase, and along the lines of the idiom “not worth the data it is written on”, you could say that “data isn’t worth the server it is stored on”.

This recent article “Introduction to Data Mining” sums it up perfectly:

[T]he meaning of the word data is often confused with knowledge. Knowledge is obtained through the understanding of data.

The opportunity for data miners, data scientists, business intelligence analysts and the like is to take the mystery out of “data” and make corporate information accessible to all types of users – from experienced analysts to data novices alike. You know you’ve succeeded when you can turn any organisations data into interactive and powerful information to drive improved operational performance and enhance executive decision making.

The challenge for this group is to find and present real-time, easily digestible, thought provoking and mobile knowledge – making sure the business has the information they need, when and where they need it.  We’re up for the challenge.

Performance Analytics. Your data. Seen like never before.

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