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Data mining – no drilling necessary

To coin a phrase, and along the lines of the idiom “not worth the data it is written on”, you could say that “data isn’t worth the server it is stored on”. This recent article “Introduction to Data Mining” sums it up perfectly: [T]he meaning of the word data is often confused with knowledge. Knowledge […]

Crisis mapping and crowdsourcing – my new Everest

Imagine the power of being able to utilize real time big data from hundreds of thousands of individuals, all providing input to real time crisis maps and analytics.  Imagine being able to use this information to predict or forecast demand for goods and services and harnessing this information, before the dust settles (no pun intended), […]

The new Business Intelligence, driven by the business

While “Business Intelligence” (BI) and associated data, data warehouses and data architecture have traditionally been the realm of IT and specialist analyst teams, there is an increasing push towards the business driving business intelligence requirements. Who would have thought?! The new BI is business led business intelligence; it’s fast, easily accessible and driving evidence based […]

The next holy grail

The next holy grail is about decision support and analytics GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt. GE said Thursday that it is offering a slew of new industrial services and technologies that incorporate diagnostic software and data analytics, all part of what the company is calling the industrial Internet. Analytics is fast moving beyond retrospective analysis and […]

It’s not the size that matters – it’s what you do with it that counts

Big data creates big opportunities. Predictive analytics goes beyond telling ‘what was’ and leaps forward to show us ‘what will be’. Predictive analysts are well beyond telling the simple ‘what happened and why’ story; they are all about ‘what’s coming’. “The challenge … is to analyze and act on this ever-expanding mountain of data in […]

“A good sketch is better than a long speech” — Napoleon Bonaparte

An oldie but a goodie. In 2009, John Sviokla blogged: The challenge is that if management teams do not consciously build in great visualizations, their organizations will waste an inordinate amount of time sifting through the river of bits, and not get the effective insights they need. What I find most interesting is the litany […]

Start small before trying to conquer the world

It’s not bad advice. Especially when it comes to planning your next (or first) move in the performance analytics space. companies should first figure out how to make use of the structured data – numbers in spreadsheets, numbers stored in a business’s servers – that they can retrieve from their operational systems. CFO.com (http://s.tt/1tLkz) Your […]